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A Closer Look at Bertha Mason

Updated: May 10, 2020

Bertha Mason

Bertha Antoinetta Mason is one amongst the imagined charm in Jane Eyre, the novel written by the author Charlotte Bronte in 1847. Being the primary better half of Edward Rochester, fierce and unreasonable square measure the appeals represented of her. Later she was been barred by her man in space in Thornfield hall.

Antoinette Cosway, in Wide Sargasso Sea "Bertha Mason" is disclosed as being a fancier name for Antoinette Cosway.In order to supply jolt and evolution to the advancement of the plot line the incommunicative and knotty character of Bertha Antoinetta Mason is placed within the lifetime of Rochester and Jane.

The virile of the night beast’s oddity is portrayed by Bertha who strolls Thornfield Hall in the dark and fleeces throughout the day. Bertha is left sheared of a voice and in place of it's a growl Richard Mason is that the brother of Bertha, who isn't pictured in any manner as beast-like. Moreover, he's canned like an English gentleman that becomes a lot of fascinating, as a result of he comes from an equivalent origin as Bertha.


In literary criticism, Bertha has become significantly far-famed as a result of her state of affairs that equipped the title and very important theory of a foremost book of feminist criticism The madman within the Attic: the lady author and also the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination written by Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar in 1979.

We conjointly see that for the encroachment of feminist’s rights the character of Bertha is use the centre-ground. Conjointly Bertha’s race and self-worth are being sacrificed for the sake of the women's effort.

Bertha Mason in Jane Eyre and Wild Sargasso Sea.

The mark in literary history was created by the author through Jane Eyre and Jean Rhys through Wild Sargasso Sea. The character of Jane in Jane Eyre is twin darkened with the oddity of Bertha Mason, in Mad ladies within the attic by many literary critics.

But studies naked that the character of bertha isn't the least bit the dark facet of Jane’s.

In Jane Eyre.

The character Bertha Mason who is desperate and nasty is barred by her husband within the attic at Thornfield. In the novel, she is being pictured as an obstacle to Jane’s wedding.

In order to feature a melodramatic result, Bertha is shown as heartless. Many critics have plausible this to be the need and wrath of Jane. Bertha is formed to face the coercion of girls similarly as male domination.

In Jane Eyre, most of the portrayal of Bertha is understood through Rochester. In the words of Rochester Bertha is titled as low, tapered and incapable of being junction rectifier to something higher singularly. Also stating her nature to be wild and impure.

Bertha ends up to be a victim of exploitation as she was a white creole. Thus we are able to conclude that in Jane Eyre, Bertha is racial unfairness, a lot of social organisation and exploitation.

In Wild Sargasso Sea.

The story in Wild Sargasso Sea is kind of recreation because it is from the real purpose of Bertha. In Wild Sargasso Sea, Bertha isn't Bertha as in Jane Eyre, but Antoinette. An awfully sparkling creole is effervescent along with her own moods and love.

No longer ugly and mad because of the girl within the attic. Antionette is represented as a vain silly girl by Rochester once their relationship goes in unfriendliness. She is brought back to England; sealed in the dark and cold attic for 10 years.

Through feminism, the story of Bertha Mason was remodelled. The character of Rochester is of an agonist in writer Sargasso Sea, whereas it's opposite in Jane Eyre. The double standards of Rochester and also the society created Bertha a quarry.

Compare and distinction; Jane Lake Eyre and Bertha Mason.

In the manner they each acted within the novel will facilitate the readers to match and the distinction between Jane and Bertha. There conjointly comes the manner during which they grew up and also however the met Mr Rochester.

Jane was identified to be a woman who ne'er voiced something regardless of what quantity she wished to mention them. And if we have a tendency to see Bertha, she was a woman who with all her actions let everybody know what was she feeling. Feelings of life at that point of Jane and Bertha was virtually the same.


Jane and Bertha were truly quite similar. If the incendiary potential of the girl was represented by Bertha’s madness then there is full possibility of Jane being ending like Bertha. Although Jane had the fortune and a lot of fascinating to Rochester and here escapes the fate of Bertha Mason.

Where is bertha mason from?

The scorn of the family Bertha Mason, a young lovely ladies with mental state and violent outbursts. A very very little is understood of Bertha Mason before the mental disease. Bertha Mason was the sole female offspring of the very loaded family living in the Spanish city.

Described of being Creole heritage she was married to a landowner Mr Rochester by her father and brother simply to urge obviate her. Most of her is understood through her husband solely who remains sad.

The wedding was planned in a clever manner. Rochester wasn't allowed to check a lot of Bertha before the wedding. And of course, Bertha refused to assist Rochester. As a result, she was barred during space.

Bertha was far-famed for her beauty and he or she was the pride of the city within the words of Rochester.

How long was Bertha within the attic?

Bertha Mason was sealed within the attic for 10 long years and like some wild animal goes cracked. Once Jane is barred within the red space only for 5 minutes, she anomalies out utterly.

To spoil Rochester’s set up of remarrying, Bertha snitches around at Thornfield in the dark. On the opposite hand, Jane snitches around Thornfield in the dark so as to spoil the set up of Rochester of exploitation her as adulterous.

Richard Mason; brother of Bertha Mason.

A weak-willed man, Richard Mason. In how he gets to understand the arrange of Rochester being marrying once more to Jane and arrives at Thornfield. He came to spoil the marriage and reveal all the reality.


He is crushed and injured by his own sister bertha once he goes to her space alone throughout his visit to Thornfield. Richard arrives with the solicitor Briggs so as to spoil the marriage.


In Jane Eyre,Bertha Mason is nominal a tortuous manifestation. Impeding happiness of Jane and conjointly catalysing the self-understanding growth of Jane.

An unsureness and dread is added to the plot and therefore the ether with the encircling mystery of Bertha.Bertha mason conjointly seen serving as a remnant and reminder of immature libertinism of Rochester.

One major symbolic image of bertha may be of “trapped” Victorian partner. Allowed to not travel or labour outside the house. With time turning into a lot of feverish, seeing no solution for her obstruction and crossness.

Secondly, Bertha might also be seen as Jane’s expression of intuitive feelings, specifically of her temper counter to the inhibitory social and gender standards. No denying, Jane announces her love for Rochester, on the opposite hand, she conjointly fears on marrying to him. Jane conjointly thinks to shout off the craze against the captivity it might grow into.

Jane Eyre.

The essential component of Jane’s temperament area unit inventive and academic,still she felt the necessity to say her identity through rebellion." rebel slave" is what Jane refers to herself within the gap chapters of the novel.

Also everywhere the story she do battle with the forces,that preclude her from finding the due happiness.The first person communicator, Jane Eyre narrates incidents from her doomed childhood, offensive relatives, the Stalks, to her idyllic wedding to Rochester.

"a tale my imagination created . . . that I desired and had not in my actual existence." the lines of Jane shows however she use to flee from her sad domestic scenario along with her stories and imaginations;landinding into the globe far from all troubles.

Stories for Jane could be a escape the important life.Blunt, truthful, and lacking in personal conceitedness,she typically provided an archetypal of correct English womanhood.

Not solely discarding old-style views of sophistication, Jane conjointly pours scorn on society's efforts to regulate the activities of ladies. Active hunts and intellectual inspiration area unit necessary for ladies within the same approach as men.

Is Grace Poole Bertha Mason?

A screech,mid age and red-haired retainer is Grace Poole. She works as a retainer and peace officer for the foolish Bertha Mason at Thornfield.Bertha would effortlessly escape the jail because of the drinking and lack of attention of Grace Poole.

The character of Grace Poole is delineated in such the way that each Jane furthermore because of the readers' area unit side-tracked by it.For all the enigmatic happenings,Grace is formed guilty.

She is additionally created in control of the laugh that happens on the third floor and for fiery Rochester alive. First off for all the depravities of Bertha Mason within the house, the guiltiness was straight given to the keeper that's Grace Poole.

With of these, we tend to come back to understand that Grace Poole isn't Bertha Mason, she is simply the peace officer.

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