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I Won't be Silent.

People of the world, bow thy heads and think.

Think of the tenderness and warmth of a girl,

A true and lovely gift of God,

Accepting everything with a nod,

For her, we came into this world,

Around whom we always twirled.

She cares, she loves.

Pure for every little thing she does.

She is the one who always cares,

Can never be seen in tears.

Her dreams are killed, desires chocked,

All her aspiration for education is locked.

She cries for education,

All she receives is oppression.

You are meant to cook,

And the children to look.

But I want education,

Equal and full participation.

Now she asks why education is far from her?

The pain is so difficult to bear.

Its time and she dares to speak,

When inequality is at its peak.

I won't be silent;

For I will ell all my pliant.

I won't be silent;

for now, my thoughts are violent.

Let me go to school,

Else I will be used as a tool.

I want to hold a pen,

Much respect will I receive then.

Education will give me the freedom,

For the oppression to overcome.

To look beyond boundaries,

And leave our own worries.

Educate me,

As I no more will plea.

This time its equality,

And my oddity.

I won't be silent!

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