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One Day is Enough!

One day is enough to topple your world upside down. It demands one moment, one word, one hello, one goodbye. And life is never the same again. A sweet dream and a nightmare, all at once. Two universes collide; new galaxies form. You wake up as old you but return home as someone new. The new, a stranger, but still you.

The talk you would have is a never-ending loop, finds it closure and yet you keep questioning. The answer you were so eager to find, you move forward, only to find no ground ahead.

Do you fly then? You feel your back, to find the wings sprouting, or had it always been there, and you never dared to look up to the sky? When the direction seize to exist, how will you ever know which way is forward? One day you will find yourself standing amidst, the rubbles of the castle you had built-in air.

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