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Yes,Things have changed.

Things have changed and I have changed as well. When I interact with people from the past and I am told that I have changed a lot and often advised to start being that previous girl again. Why? so that they could again stab that person with ignorance and enjoy her begging, arguing, screaming for the attention, love and care which isn’t even true though.

No, I could not even think of the ‘old me” because now I love myself and I no longer need others to make me realize how worthless or worthy I actually am. Though this has cost me so many people I have more haters than those who love me. I can’t let myself down just for the sake of so-called emotions. I can no longer ruin my dreams just for someone who isn’t sure about his or her presence in my life. Temporary things have never been my cup of tea and maybe this is the reason when I say I don’t have any best friend or even someone whom I could call a good friend.

I see people as the most transient thing happening in this universe. Sometimes I left people and sometimes they left me. The only constant is that I lost myself, no matter what the reason was. And every-time I lost myself, I found a new girl too! Who always stand in front whenever I look into the mirror, she smirks at first and then shows me the reality; that life is not a fairy tale or as they say it in a poetic way “Life isn’t a bed of roses!” I see the strength, the power to rule the world; the commitment of never giving up the golden rays of hope that shines beyond the horizon, the love, the pure love that I always try to search in the crowd of not-so-known world. I see my whole universe in that one girl! Yes, now you got it why I like to get myself locked in a room!

You call me insane because I am not like most of the people of my generation but trust me, it’s just because I have a huge world of mine and that is much more fascinating than your materialistic world. I have my own believes sometimes a bit conservative too, as I find it the creepiest thing to hang out with people, take selfies, enjoy the things which have no sense in reality. I find it weird when people get stuck to someone of the opposite gender unless he or she is your better half. Call me an orthodox, call me a stupid person who still lives in the past era but, that is the way I am. And I am not all gonna change myself for anyone! I find no logic in so-called ‘closeness’ and then doing the drama of being ‘friend zoned’. I hate it when people abuse. I don’t like things that people like the most! But you know what, this is where the difference lies, between me and others. This is where the world of mine starts.

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